Advanced quant-qual hybrid

CoLab is our proprietary quant-qual hybrid format for exploring, assessing and optimising creative and innovation ideas

The approach fluidly moves from face to face quant to diagnostic and developmental qual immediately afterwards, multiplying the opportunities for all stakeholders to absorb and learn

Purpose-built to facilitate faster, more agile development. CoLab accelerates the time from research kick off to producing effective direction and guidance

Always a fully-collaborative experience, with stakeholders viewing live, CoLab becomes a strategic learning and thinking forum for the core team, fuelled by research

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An agile and fluid approach

Using system-one inspired questions on individual tablets to create a framework for understanding

Data available in real-time in the CoLab dashboard, on the big screen and on your laptop

Select six participants based on responses and profiles, for the 90-minute focus group stage, delving deep to understand responses

Repeated up to three times a day until we have a solid quant base and insightful qualitative understanding

Debrief with all stakeholders, to determine direction and optimization, a 24-hour topline, and a full learning report a few days later

Our most recent CoLab case study

Global dairy brand launching several new variants and looking to identify the stronger campaign platform.  An accelerated and effective approach was required.

CoLab was run with 4-day turnaround, with all stakeholders present to experience real-time consumer response to the creative. Stimuli was automatically rotated, so participants were exposed in the quantitative sessions to all three routes with equal order exposure to each. Focus groups added a deeper layer of insight.

The CoLab was able to quickly identify the idea with the most potential – stand out and distinctiveness, clarity of message, idea ownership, impact on consumer thinking about the brand…as well as give real guidance for optimization prior to production.