Our approach to Digital Qual

We are always exploring ways in which technology can help us understand people in a richer and more relevant way, innovating to bring the best digital research tools into projects for our clients.

We use digital platforms and tools as a stand alone, and also in conjunction with other methodologies. Digital tools offer many advantages, including:
– Connecting with people at the moment of brand interaction rather than relying on recall
– Providing a private and reflective environment to discuss a range of topics in an open and stimulating way
– Turning around projects and delivering findings quickly and cost effectively

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Our digital offering

We have a current suite of digital tools available, which can be used in conjunction with other tools and approaches, or as a standalone option.

Hear & Now

Use our selfnographic here&now app to capture your audiences’ experiences while they’re happening – giving us an extra layer of detail, which would be lost and less rich than if we relied on recall alone.

Our app is unobtrusive and second nature to use for participants, letting us paint a vivid and honest picture of their experience, allowing us to understand the all important moment of brand interaction in detail.


For most people, online interaction and debate is second nature these days – and talkbox harnesses this for the qual. research.

By using consumers experience of the digital world, we facilitate the type of debate and conversation consumers are familiar with – enabling people to talk freely and openly.

Our talkbox communities also enable clients to get involved in the discussion, either as community members or even meeting participants though a video chat.

We offer both short and long-term communities – often using it as a precursor to face to face research, transforming the insights revealed online into stimulus to fuel more productive qualitative sessions.


quickthink was born out of a need to get some answers and guidance quickly and inexpensively.
Central to quickthink are 4 principals:

  • Effective – we can deliver effective strategic guidance quickly
  • Cost effective – this is our streamlined community offer
  • Client integration – we involve clients as much as they would like, both as participants in the community and meeting the respondents via video chat
  • Rich Media Results – feedback is spiced with evidence (talking heads, quotes) to enhance your presentations


Our pitchperfect communities are similar to “quickthink” but aimed at agencies looking for stimulus to support their pitches.

It is designed to:

  • Explore the brand and context  – to bring your strategy to life
  • Evaluate the creative ideas – to help clients see they’re as brilliant as you think they are!

For each project we always apply three guiding principals:

Rapid – we can get a project up and running in 24 hours, with results soon after

Effective – we deliver effective strategic guidance quickly

Rich – we provide the evidence (talking heads, quotes) to enhance your presentations




With boomerang we have an international panel of respondents, on hand, to participate in a macro study.

Here’s how it works: we ask a (relatively simple) question to our panel, they respond and we submit a report with an overview of the responses soon after.

If you want a global steer on something relatively quickly – perhaps before a presentation or before you research it in detail then get in touch to know more.


Our cost effective quant tool; If you want a quick answer to a (relatively simple) question, from a UK audience but don’t have the budget for a full quant project, snapshot is designed for just that.