Agile proposition development

The challenge: SSE wanted to develop new groundbreaking propositions in home services, fast.

The solution: An intensive ‘hot house’ with a 5-day schedule was set up to land on a game-changing proposition.   The research program needed to be equally fast to shape, refine and measure potential in these tight timelines. So we undertook accelerated research involving qualitative & team co-creation sessions on day 2 & 3 (customers and team – customer experience, comms, branding and PR), with accompanying customer workshops. Refined ‘leading contenders’ propositions were then fed into an overnight quant survey on day 4, equipping the management team with clear metrics on their appeal and differentiation with the wider population by day 5.

The outcome: We compressed a process that typically takes months into days, game changing proposition delivered enabling a new product launch just a few months later.