Enriched audience understanding

The challenge: Heineken ambition to be UK’s No. 1 premium brand. Deep understanding of a core target audience needed to inform and inspire the brand team to feel closer to the target in order to make the strategic decisions to achieve this goal.

The solution: We conducted a collaborative immersion programme to bring him to life for the team. We started with an online community with a wide range of the audience. exploring their life values before selecting star participants to conduct further lifestyle video journals. We then conducted a series of immersions with them and then a night out with their close friends in real life, accompanied by members of the brand team. Finally we conducted a workshop with the brand team to take observations into insights that could help drive closeness between this target and Heineken. Alongside multiple debriefs to relevant teams, a film helped bring the profile of the target to life.

The outcome: The Heineken brand team felt immersed and connected to this important and evolving profile in a way that ensured future work was fine-tuned to the specific needs of UK audience. We produced a film to bring the target to life.