Sharp strategic brand guidance

The challenge: Having made real progress in recent years McDonald’s needed insight and direction to identify where the challenges lie to drive consumer trust and closeness as a business, and specifically to fuel its ongoing food trust communications strategy for 2017 and beyond.

The solution: To unlock, explore and identify the most potent opportunities to pursue we conducted an iterative approach. It was important that we started with real world beliefs and experiences so participants conducted mobile journals and vlogging their beliefs about visiting McDonald’s. We then brought them together for workshops to ‘purge’ the issues, from small to big, real to myth, and worked to prioritise key areas blocking trust. We then assessed the potential of existing and potential new message areas to address these areas. A week later, when participants were back in the real world, outside the hot-house of a workshop, we conducted a follow-up survey with them to understand the issues that truly lie at the core of any trust concerns and which issue-relieving messages had stuck in their mind.

The outcome: We identified a key next stage of messaging for food trust communications, and wider strategic guidance on trust-building for the business.