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Gogglevox vs Cannes 2019

Welcome to our first Gogglevox.

Inspired by the team’s love for Gogglebox and the searing insight that its stars share on the events of the day, we thought it would be interesting to see if we could set something up with the same spirit. But point it towards the topics of the day in the worlds of insight, strategy, and communications.

With Cannes coming up, and the annual industry debate between true effectiveness vs awards-fodder,
we thought it would be an unmissable opportunity to see what a panel of ‘real’ people think of awards contenders.

  • Nike – Dream Crazy
  • Libresse – Viva la Vulva
  • Burger KIng – Whopper Detour

We might not have a Leon or Scarlett just yet, but we’ve assembled a stellar cast of characters who we hope you agree are as insightful as they are entertaining.

Escaping the industry bubble has long been a key role for research, and we hope that we can share some content that you look forward to the next episode that takes you into the living rooms of the nation.

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