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Covid-19: fast-tracking client confidence in online qual

Online communities and video interviews have been a well-established part of our toolbox at d+m for many years. While very highly valued, they were most often recommended when clients needed insight more quickly or cheaply, or as a supplementary ‘bolt on’ to other traditional methodologies.

The Covid-19 lockdown has, of course, somewhat forced our hand in terms of shifting projects we planned to run face-to-face to online. Clients did need a little reassurance at first (Are you using the right platform? Will discussions go deep enough? How do we get people to talk about anything but the immediate crisis?) but the overwhelming feedback has been incredibly positive as the quotes below testify to.

For us, the key to this success is to not see online discussions as a straight swap for face to face. It’s about optimising the set-up and our techniques for online, including:

  • Tighter numbers – we find 3-4 respondents per online session is ideal to keep the discussions flowing and ensure everyone engages fully
  • Scheduling at more sociable times – no more pushing into 10pm in viewing facilities!
  • New screen-friendly ways of sharing and annotating on stimulus
  • Capitalising on respondents being in their natural environments – tapping into family routines, sharing what’s around the home and allowing respondents to reveal their true selves

Respondent engagement has been phenomenal – a combination of more time on their hands (for some) and welcoming a positive channel of distraction. We’ve been able to both understand how they are feeling about and navigating the lockdown where we need to, and also dive deep into category specific needs and behaviours beyond the lockdown, including projecting what the ‘new normal’ may look like in the medium and long term.

Don’t take our word for it. Here is a selection of feedback. And do get in touch if you’d like to discuss how online research can work for your brand!

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful research experience … it was very eye-opening, smooth and all-due respect on how fantastic moderators you guys are. Even with the added WFH during this crazy time, it was great looking at how everyone reacted and responded to the situation and the questions.
Incredibly amazed by it and can’t wait for the compiled learnings.

Rameez Al Aghbar, Account Director, Grey

I wanted to reiterate my thanks too. Everyone here was impressed by the fact that you pulled out all the stops, jumped on it very quickly and delivered.

Hazel Collier, Brand and Communications Researcher, Camelot

I just wanted to reiterate our thanks to you, Kenny, Shaun & Sion for your work on the Betfair creative last week (apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone!)

Kate Wells, Insight Manager, Paddy Power Betfair