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Covid-19: What’s going on? Community launch

How are people dealing with the biggest upheaval of normality since the second world war? And what might be the implications on consumer attitudes and behaviours, and the impact of this for brands? Will future relationships be changed by what’s happening? Or will everything snap back as if nothing happened…unlikely

We’re currently speaking to 20 very different people across Britain who are all asking themselves the same question.  “What’s going on here?”

We’re finding out what’s going on in their lives and their homes. In their hearts and heads. Going beyond the stats and the news to the individual stories that paint a picture of what life is like in Britain right now.

Because if we can better understand what is going on now. We can hopefully better understand how we can help in the future.


A 12 week, 20 participant online community where participants are sharing videos, photos, thoughts and feelings. In parallel also running regular gatherings with to build relationships and get real richness and insight into their individual experiences.

The community is designed to be flexible and have the ability to react to the ever-changing situation. The content outline will be built in phases, so we can shape our questions and topics to the fit with the times.

We’re looking at a variety of topics from different angles, ranging from discussing who you can trust, how to adapt and survive in new circumstances, what relationships look like now and what’s my place in the world?


We cast the net wide, to cover the rich tapestry of the UK’s population – up and down the country.

  • We have participants from London & South East, Manchester area, Bristol area, Glasgow area and Newcastle area.
  • Rural, urban and suburban covered.
  • Social-economic groups, ethnicities and sexual orientation will also be representative.
  • There are a variety of ages and life-stages, plus household composition, from single dwellers, pre-family (housemates / couples) young families, older families, and empty nesters

Keep an eye out for articles, films, email update, reports and different events and webinars over the next few months as we share with you the rich findings of life under lockdown and beyond