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Entertaining brand communication could be a welcome tonic

One thing coming through strongly in What’s going on? (our Covid community) is that people are struggling with not having a lot to look forward to. Holiday plans on ice, cultural events cancelled. Much as we love our families…a pretty flat time ahead.

Where’s the joy coming from in the coming months?

Step forward advertising?

Perhaps now is the time to move on from the era of over earnest brand purpose, or the current expression of this, extreme Covid empathy (whether relevant to the brand or not).

Time to move beyond this generic and frankly simpering tonality, and assert the tone of your brand. As one community member commented on advertising

“Life’s so mundane and on the verge of depression, we need something to get us going, a momentary release to make us laugh, to think positively, to lift our spirits up. Enough of this dreary BS and wishy washy stuff.”

Perhaps one good thing to come out of this crisis may be a return to ‘simpler times’ when it comes to comms- brands conveying a central idea in a way that engages and entertains, and reflects core brand values along the way.

In our fairly bleak looking times ahead, brands could do their bit to offer us some well-needed entertainment. In these times.

As the IPA drum often beats, creativity drives effectiveness.

Step forward Just Eat.

At davies+mckerr we all love the latest work with Snoop Dog- entertaining, on brand, memorable, relevant. Maybe this can be the new normal in comms.

Will everybody do a Just Eat?