Insight to energise your strategy in an era of massive change

The world is exciting and challenging in equal measure. We’re here to help you see and make real the future for your brand, unlocking new insight that helps you to act with boldness and confidence.

Dialogues about the possible, not just explanations of the present

We provoke new conversations with people and explore how things could be, not just how they are. We look in unusual places and think in unusual ways, employing the latest tools and platforms to take our enquiry into the freshest and most revealing places.

Humanising strategy in a data rich world

Brands succeed best when they put a human and cultural context around the stories that data is beginning to tell. Our real-world insight enriches the picture, so that brand strategy can really mean something and gain traction in people’s lives.

d+m has a flair for telling you what’s really going on. It’s refreshing to be told what people mean, not just what they said, and what we should do as a result. Their name also makes them sound like a sixties folk duo, which amuses me.

Craig Mawdsley, Head of Planning, AMV BBDO

d+m are stellar researchers. Invariably top of the league for recommendations to any newby when they join VCCP planning. And have been for over a decade.

Charles Vallance, Chairman, VCCP

The quality of the insight that comes from the team at davies + mckerr is exceptional. They can dig beneath the surface of an extremely complex set of conversations, drawing simple conclusions that are clear, powerful and actionable.

Sam Fielding, Head of Marketing Global Cider, Heineken

We value d+m for their ability to uncover and express the uncomfortable truths that make a difference to the way we think and do things. They are flexible which, coupled with great output, makes them a real pleasure to work with.

Aileen Bradley, Head of Consumer Insight, McDonald's